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We are the biggest and oldest RC Helicopter Club in the Northwest. If you’re looking for a nice field with great light, open spaces and nice people that share your passion for this hobby you’ve arrived to the right club. We offer the best RC-Heli-Only field with the best and friendliest atmosphere. We welcome beginners, regular pilots and pros too. We have training and heli-setup programs for new pilots run by volunteers that will help you achieve your dream of flying RC Helicopters. Come over, contact us to schedule a guest visit and we will have you as a guest so that you can check out our club and also our best asset, our people.

CMHC was founded in 1987 and has gained a reputation of the most welcoming and cutting-edge RC Heli Club in the Northwest.

In the beginning of our history we had a few pilots working together. Today we are club with RC-Heli Pilots that own and fly hundreds of helicopters. Our members fly very often and get together to fly at our field and also organize field trips to visit other fields to promote and help other RC-Heli pilots.\ across our state and neighboring states.

Video at the field

Here’s a video of Pro-Pilot Jason Bell flying at the 2018 Snohomish FunFLy Courtesy of Kenny Hill.

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