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  1. Hays Clark says:

    For Sale: 2 MS-Hornet Kits for CC setup, over $1,250 of stuff

    In short, I used to have no kids but I do now and I am selling off all my gear. Clears out my basement which is a win for me and you can get some awesome stuff at a crazy deal!

    1st kit has already been assembled but needs to have servo’s mounted and be is pretty much ready to go! Included, standard MS brushed Motor, speed controller, 4 HS-55 Hitec servos, and never used NiMH battery and charger included. All manuals included. At the time of purchase MS would provide you with the original MS-Hornet and a CC upgrade kit which is what is built!

    2nd kit is untouched MS-Hornet CC kit including pretty much all the aftermarket parts. Also included, Brushless motor, Motor controller, JR Gyro, 4 HS-55 Hitec servos, and one Li-ION batter (never used but old), and an extra set of blades. All manuals included

    Bonus stuff!
    Two body kits free! Both unopen, like new!
    1st Body kit, AIRWOLF with retract kit! Will throw in extra HS-50 Hitec servo.
    2nd Body kit, Bell 222 body kit

    Photo here:

    All this is yours for $450 OBO
    Cash or PayPal (no checks!)
    (both kits are being sold together so that no one is missing a part)

    For a more detailed list of the upgrade parts see this original list from Helihobby, who still carries all of the spare parts for the original MS Hornet!

    Complete CNC Super CCPM Head :: PART# HH2210
    Aluminum CNC Shaft collar with 3 set screws @ 120 degrees :: PART# HH118
    Hornet Aluminum Bell Crank w/Adjustable Link and Ball End :: PART# HH362
    Complete Hornet Aluminum CNC Gear Box :: PART# HH2213
    Precision tail gears and speed up gears 18T/16T Gears :: PART# HH425
    Dual Bearing Auto-Rotation Hub with Precision Retainer :: PART# HH245
    Delrin Main Gear for the One Way Hub :: PART# HH169
    Precision Titanium Shaft for the Collective Pitch Hornet :: PART# HH122
    Hacker Motor Pinions 2.3 bore with dual set screw :: PART# HH124
    Modelsport CF Collective Pitch Blades :: PART# E188
    120 Degree Servo Mounting Plate with Electronics Extension :: PART# HH336
    Hornet Titanium Shaft CP :: PART# HH122
    Phoenix-10 Brushless Sensorless ESC w/ Gov :: PART# HH189
    HS-55 Hitec Standard Feather Servo :: PART# HH437
    (2) E-Tech 3C 1200mAH :: PART# HH412
    Hacker Brushless Motor B20-18L :: PART# HH285

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