Field “knock down” to happen in the next week

While the field has not fully recovered from the standing water and the sediment that moved around, everyone has been doing a great job of being careful while out there, and I appreciate that.

On FB i mentioned that I have someone coming out to look at the field today (Friday) and I have just heard back from him………he feels that while the field is still a little soft, it has firmed up enough to run some of his equipment on it.  That being said, I am having the initial knock down happen at his earliest convenience (within the next 5-7 days) dependent upon the weather and his schedule.  We are due for some more showers daily (yay Washington) but he feels it shouldn’t be a problem and getting it down to 3 inches shouldn’t be an issue either depending on how wet it is when he is here.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me directly for the most accurate and current information……

Alex Yanez


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