CMHC Rules

Cascade Model Helicopter Club

Flying Field Rules

Any field member shall have the authority to enforce the rules herein. If a person deliberately refuses to comply with a specific safety rule, that person will be expelled from the flying facility and the facts will be reported to any club officer. The incident shall then become club business and all corrective action deemed necessary will be addressed promptly!

  1. All pilots must adhere to the current AMA Safety Code, or any modifications thereof.
  2. All pilots must have a current AMA license, and must be either a CMHC member, or an authorized guest of a CMHC member. An individual non-member can be the guest of a dues paying member no more than three times per membership year.
  3. Guests and all CMHC junior members must be accompanied by an adult CMHC member.
  4. All pilots not using 2.4 GHz. transmitters will ensure that the correct channel number is on the “In Use” board before turning on a transmitter.
  5. All engines must use an effective muffler. The CMHC uses the maximum noise levels that are recommended by the AMA. These recommendations can be found in the Competition Regulations documents that are posted on the AMA website.
  6.  Flying over, hovering, or “air taxiing” in the pit area is strictly prohibited. All flying must be done north of the northern flight line, and south of the southern flight line.
  7. Helicopter run-up stands, or similar restraint devices, are strictly prohibited.
  8. The northern pilot station line is a minimum of 10 yards north of the “In Use” board. There should be a maximum of four aircraft in the air at any given time, with three being the recommended number. The southern pilot station line is a minimum of 15 yards south of the pit/parking area. There should be a maximum of three aircraft, with two as the recommended number.
  9. Spectators, guests and children are not permitted in the flying area. They must remain in the pit area or parking area at all times.
  10.  Pets of any kind are not allowed at the flying field.
  11.  The use of drugs or alcohol is prohibited at the flying field.
  12.  All 72 Mhz. radio equipment must conform to the 1991 narrow-band frequency requirements. At this time, all 72 Mhz. frequencies are available.
  13.  All members are expected to keep the flying and parking areas clean and free of litter. If you brought it, take it home with you!
  14.  Common sense and courtesy shall prevail at all times.

For safety’s sake, don’t be bashful. If you are not sure as to what you are doing, or don’t understand the rules, ask any member in the pit area for advice or assistance.

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