2011 Fun Fly

20th Annual Cascade Model Helicopter Club Fun Fly

When: July 29th, 30th, and 31st 2011

Where: Snohomish, Washington

Special Guests: Todd Bennett, Matt Botos, and Jason Krause

This being the 20th annual fun fly it will be extra special. Currently we have planned for a full scale MD500 to visit the field sometime during the event.

Todd Bennett’s FreeStyle 3D School will be held at the CMHC field on July 27th and 28th before the annual fun fly. The FreeStyle 3D class still has a couple slots available.

You can download the 2011 Fun Fly flyer here.

One Response to 2011 Fun Fly

  1. Rod Leap says:

    I would like to thank CMHC members for hosting your annual FF. In spite of my winning the drawing this year for the Heli…. just being a part of the festivities was rewarding beyond explanation….!! Awesome flying on an awesome field…..!! An almost perfect WX 2 days…..!!! Thanks for all your hard work and what you do for the hobby….!! Each of you is to be commended….!!!
    Oh yeah and thanks for the Outrage Fusion 50 I won……..!!!
    Rod Leap

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